Welcome to the Fixing the 401(k) Blog

This blog is intended to provide you, the reader, with timely and useful information concerning fiduciary responsibility, ERISA, and developments in the rapidly changing 401(k) industry. It is based on my strong belief that our country's retirement system is broken and in critical need of repair and transformation. The ideas and issues that will be addressed and my commentary are also influenced by my book Fixing the 401(k): What Fiduciaries Must Know (And Do) To Help Employees Retire Successfully.

My goal for this blog is threefold:

  1. To inform you about recent and interesting issues in the retirement plan industry.
  2. To provide you with thoughtful commentary about these issues.
  3. To empower and equip anyone who is a retirement plan fiduciary with the information, knowledge and best practices they need to improve their fiduciary decision-making process and ultimately, deliver better retirement outcomes for the participants and beneficiaries they serve.

It is my hope that my experience as a professional independent fiduciary and industry observer will allow me to put some of the issues in a useful context and enable readers to increase their expertise and understanding of these areas. I welcome any suggestions on how I can improve the overall effectiveness and usefulness of this blog for readers. 

Thanks for reading!

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