The Fixing the 401(k) Blog Is Back!

"I'm baaack!" - The Shining 1980

Have you ever stopped doing something you really enjoyed because other things became a higher priority?  And then you wake up one day and say to yourself "You know, I really should start (insert thing) again now that I have more time."

Well, a few months back I realized how much I missed blogging about 401(k) issues, especially with so many changes that have taken place over the past several years, and I noticed that it was nearly 5 years ago that I stopped posting right around the passing of my dad.  A growing business and a growing family (with 4 kids my retirement plan is to work until I'm 90 or keep going since I'm halfway to having my own reality show!) were but two of the things that diverted my attention. 

But now I'm relaunching the site with a new look and feel and a commitment to post updates on a more regular basis about a variety of 401(k), retirement, investment and fiduciary issues that affect both companies and participants.  I started this blog back in 2008 right around the time that my book launched with 3 main goals which haven't changed.  Like my book, I'll try to make the content relevant, practical and thought-provoking and I'll focus on topics/issues that we are seeing in the industry and/or affecting our clients.  From time to time, members of our team at Greenspring will also be stopping by to offer their insights and perspectives.

So if you are a plan sponsor who wants to better navigate the fiduciary landscape or you're a 401(k) participant who simply wants to better understand what really goes into a successful plan, I hope you'll stay connected.  

You can subscribe on the home page (or using the pop-up form) to receive regular updates and also follow me on Twitter @fixingthe401k.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!