The (k)larity Quotient®

The revolutionary fiduciary assessment framework that helps you manage your company’s retirement plan with purpose

Being responsible for your company’s retirement plan isn’t easy, is it?

Vendors, fees, investments, endless regulations, fiduciary risk – the list goes on and on.  The truth is, most plans aren’t managed well or with any clear direction, creating risk for companies and worry for employees.

But what if you had a simpler, easier way to identify and fix issues before they became problems, while offering the best possible plan for your company and your people? 


Introducing the (k)larity Quotient® – pioneered by the retirement plan specialists at Greenspring.

Here’s how it works. First, we use our proprietary methodology to analyze nearly 40 criteria about your plan in the 4 key areas that drive plan success.  

Then, we calculate your plan’s unique (k)Q® score between 0 and 100 and benchmark it against similar plans to show you how yours stacks up.

Comparing your (k)Q® is helpful, but the real magic is seeing precisely what’s working combined with a clear, customized gameplan to fix what isn’t.

The (k)larity Quotient® eliminates the guesswork, making it easy to have a great retirement plan that your company can be proud of and your employees will love.  Managing a corporate retirement plan has never been easier!

Isn’t it time to know your plan’s (k)Q® so you can manage your plan with purpose? Please submit the form below to start the process.